Bellevue Auto Glass Repair Ensures You Can Drive Your Car Safely

The windshields and windows of your car are tough, but even they can get damaged. Among the  usual culprits are pieces of rock that are kicked up by other vehicles. They can hit your windows and windshield at high speeds, and chip or crack them. Though these small bits of damage may seem negligible, you’ll want to take your car to a professional Bellevue auto glass service right away.

Reasons for Quick Repair

One of the main reasons for a quick repair is that, if left alone, the damage on your windshield can impair driving. Spider web cracks across your windshield make it difficult to see approaching dangers like large trucks or road bumps. Seeing these from faraway is essential to avoiding them.

Another reason for immediate repairs is that small cracks or dings on your windshield can become larger. Extreme heat and cold can make cracks expand, while dirt can enter the cracks and make them harder to repair. If a crack spreads, you could end up paying more because you’ll have a ruined windshield in need of replacement. The cost difference can be hundreds of dollars, which you could save with a prompt repair.

Repair or Replace?

Before you bring in your car to have the cracks repaired, measure the damage first. As a good rule of thumb, a crack less than 12 inches long or a chip smaller than a quarter may be repaired without needing a replacement. If the damage is more than that, it would be more effective to have the window or windshield completely replaced. Services that specialize in windshield repair for Bellevue residents like Bullseye Auto Glass also offer replacement services. They will need to remove the old glass and replace it with a properly measured new one so that it won’t pop out or get damaged. The process is quick but amateur work could result in mistakes.

Minor repairs on scratches and chips are much easier to handle. Often, your repairman will clean the area around the damage and apply a solution to cover it up. Afterwards, the area around the repaired part is polished up.

Ensure a clear windshield by taking your car to a professional. Properly done, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the original windshield and the replacement.

…And don’t try to do this at home, the DYI solutions you see on YouTube don’t work:


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