Bellevue Auto Glass Repair: How to Stop Windshield Cracks from Growing

That crack on your windshield might seem too small to cause any real trouble, but don’t let that trick you. It can spread without warning right before your very eyes—while driving. That’s certainly something you wouldn’t want to happen.

To avoid this, have the windshield fixed by a Bellevue auto glass repair company right away. Some of these companies, like Bullseye Auto Glass, offer mobile services, so they can do the work without you having to drive the car to the shop. If, for some reason, the repair can’t be done immediately, follow the pointers below for your safety, and to prevent the damage from getting worse:



Don’t drive the car if the crack is more than 12 inches in length. This may have weakened the windshield, and cause it to collapse anytime. As much as possible, avoid driving the car even with a smaller crack, especially if the crack is big enough to obscure part of your view of the road. If you really need to drive, do not turn the air con or heater on at full blast, as extreme temperatures could make the damage worse. Also, don’t slam the doors or do anything that could add pressure inside the vehicle as this can also cause the crack to spread.

Water, Sun, and Dirt

Protect the cracked area from dirt and water. Dirt can make repairs more difficult, while water can cause the crack to grow. Put a clear tape over the affected area to keep dirt out, and don’t wash your car for the meantime. Also, keep the car out of the sun. Park it in a garage or under a shade, as too much heat can make the crack grow.

‘First Aid’ for Cracks

In addition to clear tape, you might also apply clear nail polish over the cracks, both inside and outside the car. This may help keep them from spreading. A windshield repair kit could also help, but keep in mind that these are only temporary fixes to help stop the crack from growing.

Bring It to the Pros

To be completely sure that the crack on your windshield will not cause you anymore trouble, have it fixed by a Bellevue glass repair specialist, not just a mechanic. You may actually get a better price if you work with a specialist, as he would have the proper materials, tools, equipment, and skills to do the job more efficiently. You can also be assured of the best service and solution to the problem.


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