Bellevue Auto Glass Repair Ensures You Can Drive Your Car Safely

The windshields and windows of your car are tough, but even they can get damaged. Among the  usual culprits are pieces of rock that are kicked up by other vehicles. They can hit your windows and windshield at high speeds, and chip or crack them. Though these small bits of damage may seem negligible, you’ll want to take your car to a professional Bellevue auto glass service right away. Read more »

Redmond Auto Glass Replacement Helps Make Driving Your Car Safe Again

In car accidents, some of the first casualties are your windshield and windows. As non-metal parts of your automobile, they are the most vulnerable to impact and force. Thankfully, well-made car glass is actually two layers of glass connected by a layer of resin. This ensures that when they do break they won’t shatter like normal glass, and instead, will tend to stick to each other. However, the damage is still there and this means they need to be replaced. Professional Redmond auto glass services like Bullseye Auto Glass can ensure your windshield and windows are properly replaced. Read more »

Bellevue Auto Glass Repair: How to Stop Windshield Cracks from Growing

That crack on your windshield might seem too small to cause any real trouble, but don’t let that trick you. It can spread without warning right before your very eyes—while driving. That’s certainly something you wouldn’t want to happen.

To avoid this, have the windshield fixed by a Bellevue auto glass repair company right away. Some of these companies, like Bullseye Auto Glass, offer mobile services, so they can do the work without you having to drive the car to the shop. If, for some reason, the repair can’t be done immediately, follow the pointers below for your safety, and to prevent the damage from getting worse: Read more »

Redmond Auto Glass Repair: Perils of Driving with a Cracked Windshield

Car windshields today have been built for safety more than ever before. A typical windshield is made of two glass panels with a layer of plastic laminated in between. They are largely impact-proof, except in the most severe collisions. This does not mean, however, that they can last forever. A windshield that has seen some wear and tear could crack from even a tiny impact, such as when a small rock hits it. When this happens, you can get your windshield either repaired or replaced. Read more »

Windshield Repair in Seattle: Vital for Remedying Acts of Road Rage

Your car’s windshield forms a vital part of your vehicle’s structural integrity but what if it gets hit by a person brandishing, say, golf clubs in an act of road rage? You will have to send your car to a Seattle windshield repair professional. Marino Eccher of the Pioneer Press in Minneapolis, MN reported a certain case of the wrong golf swing affecting another person behind the wheel.
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Clear Sights: Prompt Seattle Windshield Repair Ensures Safe Driving

Windshield cracks and chips may not seem like much but they can easily blossom into larger problems. Driving fast with a damaged windshield puts you at risk; they can impair your vision, and could even magnify the headlights of approaching cars, blinding you. This is why windshield repair for Seattle automobile owners should always be a priority at the first sign of damage.
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Experienced Seattle Auto Glass Repair Services Ensure Safe Driving

A cracked windshield or car window is not a usual occurrence; they usually happen because of accidents like a falling item from a truck ahead of you or an object kicked up by a passing car’s tires. The type of damage your windshield or window receives will depend on the location of the hit. If the strike is at the edge, expect a long crack that runs through your glass.
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