Glass Replacement for Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery Glass Repair & Replacement

We include glass replacement and repair for heavy machinery in our portfolio of services because we know that not many auto glass companies will take on these types of jobs, and we know how important it is to construction companies and heavy machine operators to have windows glass that is in good repair.  Every company involved in the construction industry wants to ensure that their work site is as safe as it can be, and that includes making sure that the machine operators have a clear view through the windshield and windows of their machine’s cab.

When the glass in your heavy machinery gets damaged, call us, we can custom-cut glass to fit any cab window and will be quite happy to provide you with an itemized estimate for the job. With over 15 years of experience in heavy machinery windshield and glass replacement and repair, we take pride in making sure that the glass fits perfectly and is installed exactly right.

With the weather in the Pacific Northwest, it’s especially important to address glass damage on your heavy machine as soon as possible.  In the winter, due to the temperature fluctuation from day to night, especially on cloudless days – not to mention the effect of the heat from defrosting on a cold window – a small chip or crack in a windshield can very quickly go from  barely noticeable to one or more major cracks that mean that you have to replace the window.  Because almost all heavy machine windows have to be custom cut, you’ll be saving your company a lot of money if we can repair the window before it gets to the point that it has to be replaced.

Give us a call today if you need a quote for repair or replacement of any window glass on your heavy machinery!

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